“I wish I still had …” (Episode 1)


This may (or may not) be the first of a series of blogs.  The idea came to me as I was looking through my blogging notebook this evening.  My notebook contains various scribbles and thoughts that I think may be worthy of a blog.  Sometimes these come from writing prompts, sometimes a fellow blogger’s blog can spawn an idea, and sometimes they come from random memories.

The premise of this idea is a simple one:  “I wish I still had (fill in the blank).”  The reason I think this could be a series is that I think there are a lot of things that could fill the “blank”.  I am sure that you could do the same.  As you read the statement, you probably had an item that immediately came to mind!  Here is my first “blank”…


Back in the late 80’s there was a store at Eastland Mall called Suncoast Motion Picture Company.  I used to visit it all the time!  They had all kinds of music, movies, and memorabilia.  This was back when you could buy movies on VHS and BETA tapes!  I could spend hours in there.  I would compare it to an FYE or Barnes and Nobel.  They always had movie and TV themed shirts (much like what you would find a Spencer Gifts), books about movies, and other entertainment oriented items.


It was at Suncoast, that I purchased the first of many Three Stooges VHS tapes.  Up to this point, if I wanted to watch the Stooges, I had to stay up until midnight to catch them on Channel 50, or rent them on the 8mm film projector from the public library.  You could video tape them from the TV, but many times they played commercials in between shorts.  With the ones I bought from Suncoast, I could watch them unedited and uninterrupted!


One of the things that Suncoast had were these Three Stooges collectible dolls that were made by Hamilton Gifts.  The detail of the faces was just amazing!  I don’t recall how much they cost, but I remember asking for them for Christmas that year.  I remember that year, my parents got me the Moe doll.  If memory serves me correctly, my aunt got me the Curly doll.  I went and bought the Larry doll with my own money.  They stood proudly on the shelf in my bedroom for years.  When I moved out, they stood on a bookshelf in my apartment.  They were always out on display.

When I got married the first time, they were still on display in the “entertainment room” which is where I kept my many books, videos, and our computer.  Eventually, I was told to “find a place for them” outside of the house.  I had a couple radio jobs which allowed me to display them in my office.  Eventually, after losing another radio job, they came back home with me, where I was forbidden to put them on display.

Eventually, I was told by my ex that we were having a garage sale.  I was to go through my stuff and we were selling it.  Some things I didn’t mind parting with – the VHS movies I had on DVD were an easy purge.  Little by little, she kept pulling stuff out that she wanted gone.  There were things that I ended up selling that I truly regret (my first DJ rig, for example).

As the day for the garage sale drew closer, things kept getting added to the “sell” pile. When I saw my Stooge dolls on there, I blew up!  I was NOT going to sell them.  She insisted that I was!  It became the classic “they go or I go” argument.  In her magical and totally narcissistic way, she used her power of manipulation to explain I didn’t need them.  By selling them, “we’d have money to pay bills and get ahead”.  The sentimental value didn’t matter to her.  I would say that 75% of the stuff sold at the garage sale was mine.

I remember the person who bought them.  I purposely priced them high in hopes that they wouldn’t sell.  The woman dickered with me on the price and talked about how her grandson loved the Stooges and so on and so forth, which made it a little easier to let them go.  I can still remember that gut feeling when she walked out with them.  Instant regret!

Fill in the blank – I wish I still had those Three Stooges Dolls.


I know what you are thinking – they are dolls!  What the hell would I do with them today?!  I don’t know.  I really don’t even know where I would display them.  All I know is that they meant a lot to me, and I wish I still had them – for sentimental reasons.


9 thoughts on ““I wish I still had …” (Episode 1)

  1. I loved Suncoast…I bought a lot of Chaplin stuff there…I loved that place. Keith you are a nicer man than me…I still have a Chaplin doll I got at a yardsale…Jen got it for me rather.

    Jen once got rid of a torn Dylan concert shirt I had that fit just right…she didn’t get how much it meant to me…we agreed…she never tossed a thing again without showing me…I still bitch about that shirt 15 years later lol…in fact…thanks for reminding me! lol

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    1. I have had a few people e-mail me and comment with links to buy them on e-bay and such since this posted! I may have to set aside a few bucks to do that! LOL

      Suncoast was such a great store! FYE was sort of like it when it was going strong, but now even that store has vanished. As convenient as online shopping is, there is something about a store like Suncoast or FYE that was exciting for me. I loved going in and finding stuff beside books, movies, and music. Posters, dolls, keychains, T-shirts, and such were always cool to browse through!

      I gotta be honest, that kind of stuff happened with my ex for a long time. I guess it just took me longer to see it – or get fed up with it. It’s a sore spot for sure!

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      1. I liked even their logo “Suncoast”… I lived in that store at the mall. There was another one also….well it was here…called “Media Play” that was cool.
        Well now you are happy and that is what matters.

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      2. DUDE! I was literally sitting here for a half hour trying to remember the name of Media Play!!I could picture the store – knew I spent HOURS there – could NOT remember the name of it! I was going to mention it in my comment back to you!! LOL!!! We are SO alike!!!

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      3. LOL… I cheated! I googled “media” and store…It took me forever to find it. I could not remember it either except the word Media. Yes we are dude!

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      4. Hilarious!! At least you remembered part of it…I must have sat for ever trying to come up with at least one word of the name of the store!

        Word Press tells me I’m 2 years old now. Had hoped to write a “look back” blog today, but people kept coming into the studio. I probably need to find a day to get with you about indexing… The more I blog, the more I got an index! LOL.

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      5. Whenever you want Keith… Just email me and we will get you up and running. My views average 200 a day since I did it. I only averaged around 130 when I did it.
        We can do it by email or we can talk…which ever way you want dude.

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      6. Excellent! I’ll be running around a little bit today… And work tomorrow. I will try to email you my number so we can chat. I know it may be a little hard to find just the right time… Me working midnights and all.

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      7. We will find a way man. Just give me a heads up and we will work out something. I want to see if that helps your views on your archive stuff.


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