Smiles, Everyone! Smiles!

This morning our family got all dressed up and headed off to a photo shoot. We have a local photographer who does fantastic work. She is the one who did Ella’s 1st birthday photos and Andrew’s helmet photos.

Since Andrew turns one one week from today, we took him to get his 1st birthday pictures. We were lucky enough to be able to get some family photos, too. Beth, our photographer, has a home studio and has a beautiful yard with a pond and plenty of trees. The fall colors are starting and so all of the family photos were done outside.

Ella was fine for the first few photos and then wanted to go back inside to play with Beth’s dog! It wasn’t easy to get her to pose for a few brother/sister pictures or even some solo ones, but she did.

After the outside photos were taken, we moved inside to get his birthday pictures. Sam wanted to do a baseball theme. Sam ordered a jersey online, but no Detroit Tigers jerseys were available, so he was a Yankee for his photos. She bought some baseballs to use a props. Beth had a bat, ball and mitt that we used as well.

For the cake, Sam’s mom (Andrew’s Nana) wanted to make it. She sent us a picture of the completed cake last night. It was a round cake that she made look like a baseball. I was going to go and pick it up, and Sam’s mom texted to say that her dad was going to bring it to us. I was totally ok with that, because then I didn’t have to pack up the kids.

About 7 Sunday evening, Sam texted and said, “My dad dropped the cake!” I wasn’t sure what to make of that. I began thinking that I needed to make a run to Meijer to grab a new cake. Then she called and said that when the box that the cake was in ripped, thankfully, it landed on the cardboard. How the cake was not destroyed, I’ll never know! Dad dropped off the cake, along with some cupcakes and all was well.

Andrew chowed on those cupcakes last night, so it was funny when it came time to do the “cake smash!” He was poking it, and touching it, but never really dived into it. I had to go over and scoop some frosting on my finger and let him try it before he would eat it. While it wasn’t as messy as I had hoped for, I’m sure we got some great photos.

It will probably be a week before we get the proofs, and I will share them when we get them. I know there were some good ones, and I wish I could see them now! Instead, I will wait patiently like when you used to drop off film at the drug store.

10 thoughts on “Smiles, Everyone! Smiles!

      1. Probably because of the Yankees…..I like the guy myself…I’m glad he did it. Unlike the last three…he didn’t have help I don’t think

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      1. well more to cheer about for NYY than Detroit lately…. I tip my hat to Judge. I figure it’s a one-off career year for him, but it’s been a tremendous season for him and unlike Mr. Bonds, Sosa or McGwire, he’s not failed any drug tests nor been implicated.

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      2. I agree – certainly easier to cheer for the Yankees this year. It’s sad for Detroit. We’ve got some great talent, but we continue to be in the “Rebuilding” phase. How fair is that to someone like Cabrerra?


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