Memorial Day Weekend Recap

Pet Peeve

I have a few pet peeves. One of those is people who say “Happy Memorial Day.” To me, this is an example of someone who just doesn’t get what the day signifies. Memorial Day is not like Christmas, Thanksgiving, or a birthday. Memorial Day is a day for remembrance and honor! I saw “Happy Memorial Day” countless times on Facebook, on TV, and heard it on the radio. Please stop. For those who need a refresher – this is for you:

Memorial Day is a federal holiday in the United States for honoring and mourning the U.S. military personnel who have died in the performance of their military duties.  Please remember that when you are having your back yard BBQ next year.

A Busy Weekend

As most of you know, Sam is 5 months pregnant. We decided to stay close to home for the holiday weekend. There were a lot of things to do around the house and some shopping that needed to be done. We took a trip to Sam’s Club and picked up a bunch of stuff there, and then ventured up to Birch Run so I could get a few pairs of scrub pants for work.

The weather was just beautiful. Ella got plenty of time to play in the sandbox and on the trampoline this weekend. We also got to go out and walk the neighborhood a few times. One walk had a purpose.

Our neighborhood has a “group” on Facebook. A neighbor posted a picture of his daughter in front of her Melissa and Doug Lemonade Stand with the request to “make her day” by purchasing a glass for just fifty cents!

NOT my neighbor’s daughter…

We grabbed the stroller and walked a few streets over and grabbed three glasses of lemonade. I made sure to give her an extra fifty cents as a tip! Ella loved it!! So did we. As we started to walk away, another neighbor drove up to purchase some. We were certainly glad to help make her day.

Cool Treat

I think ice cream and summer holiday weekends go together. We decided that we wanted to grab ice cream on Monday. It was about 6pm, and I knew that the local Dairy Queen was gonna have a line of cars out to the road. I remembered that about 7 miles down the road, there was a little ice cream shop. They serve regular ice cream and soft serve, and since Sam was craving Moose Trax, we drove there.

The line was not long at all and we were at the window in less than 5 minutes. This place gives you plenty of ice cream! Their scoops are huge! Sam got her Moose Trax, I got mint chocolate chip, and we got Ella a scoop of chocolate (with sprinkles). She started to eat it at one of the picnic tables, and then they started to get busier, so we drove home to finish. Ella loved her ice cream. After she got toward the end, she actually picked up the bowl and started to drink it like soup or something!

Another First

We cooked out for the first time on Monday. I grilled up some burgers and hot dogs. I also cooked up some potatoes on the grill. Sam cooked up some corn on the cob. We decided to let Ella try some. She put the holders on the ends of the corn, Sam showed her how to hold it and she was off! She pretty much ate two cobs of corn. I wish I knew how to post a video on here. I took some video and asked if she liked her corn (as she was munching away on it). She shook her head “no” and kept eating, only to put it down and say “mmmmmm!” Love this girl!!

Bonus Vacation Day

Because the holiday falls on a day that I don’t normally work, those of us who work on Tuesday were given Tuesday off. Sadly, Sam still had to work, but I took advantage of the day with Ella. We went for a walk around the neighborhood, and then spent all morning at the park. She got to swing on the swings, play by the slide, walk by the creek, talk to the dogs that were out being walked, and run around like crazy!

We always start at the swings, and when I said it was time to go, she signed “more” and pointed to the swings. I took her back over to the swings and she got to swing a little bit more. She LOVES swinging! I was able to snap a picture that I feel sums up what summer should feel like:

Loving summer!

Back to Work

I have to be back at work tonight, but I got to spend some extra daddy/daughter time with Ella as mommy slept. We usually play on the floor with her toys. Today, she wanted to go down the little slide we have in the house. She must have done that about 35 times. Then she grabbed the stuffed Curious George my dad gave her and sat him on the couch next to me. She climbed down, grabbed a book and started “reading” to George. It was so sweet.

Listen up, George! I’m a Pout Pout Fish …

It has been a while, since we had a nice family weekend together. What a blessing to spend it with my wife and daughter.

9 thoughts on “Memorial Day Weekend Recap

    1. WOW – that is some thorough research!! Great read!!

      The video I shot was with my android phone. I have a YouTube channel and only recently posted a video on there. It was a video that was shot when I was in high school of a teacher telling jokes.

      Some friends of mine wanted me to post some old radio station jingles on my page, but I haven’t done anything with that yet.


      1. Do you blog on your phone or on a computer? If you blog on your phone, I can’t really help you as the phone app is hinky. I don’t bother with it.

        If you use a computer, any video on your phone can be transferred with a USB cable. You will need to know where the video(s) is/are stored (directly on the phone or on an SD card). All of my data is stored on my SD card so, if the phone crashes, the card can be pulled out and nothing is lost.

        Once connected, you navigate phone folders and find your file(s). Cut or copy them to whatever folder on your computer and, from WP, upload them like a picture. You upload your own photos, I see. It really doesn’t matter on format. WP takes .wmv, .mp4… Once uploaded, WP turns it into an .ogg file (you’ll see those occasionally on Wikipedia). When you make a post, add your video into the post like you would a picture. If labeling it, only “Title” will work.

        Am I making sense?

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      2. Welcome. I know it can be uploaded from your phone via the WP app but, I don’t trust that app. The few times I tried to use it, I still had to go to my laptop and tweak things. If I’m going to have to go to my laptop to fix issues, I’m not wasting my time jacking with the app. But, it IS a method of uploading…directly from the phone.

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      3. I usually blog from work, and sometimes they have an issue with USB devices being connected to the computers, but if I know I need one, I usually bring my personal laptop to work and blog that way.


      4. I can see why employers wouldn’t like any USB devices around work computers. I’ve encountered that.

        I haven’t blogged from a work computer since I lived in Texas…2002-2011. I was an extension of IT but, in a different unit. They knew I would never screw up a computer. That was back in my web programming/database management days.


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