Sam always makes Ella’s “Well Visit” appointments for her day off. Yesterday, was her 1 year check up. The appointment was first thing in the morning and since I pass by there on my way home, I met them at the doctor’s office. Sam, who is now entering the second trimester of this pregnancy, was glad to have an extra set of hands at the appointment.

The days of just sitting in the waiting room and looking at the fish in the aquarium are long gone. She’s on the move all the time! Thankfully, they called us back pretty quickly and she got to explore the exam room. The medical assistant came in and did height, weight, vision test, and vitals before the doc came in. We discussed the immunizations that she would be getting and then the doc came in.

Our doc is amazing. She looked Ella over and asked us what she was and wasn’t doing, told us the things to expect in the months to follow, and mentioned the foods she was now able to eat. The doc was impressed with her babble and at how “advanced” she is. Before leaving, the doc asked Sam when she was due and reminded us that she’d be happy to see our new baby, too.

Then the medical assistant came in to give Ella her shots. She was laying on the exam table and I got down next to her, holding her arms. Everything was fine until that first “poke.” Ella’s face had that surprised/shocked look and the tears began. Immediately, I felt my heart sink and got sick to my stomach. The next “poke” only made her cry more and me feel worse. The band aids went on and I scooped her up in my arms. I held her and tried to comfort her. She then reached for mommy, who calmed her down by simply talking to her.

With my sons, I was always the one who took them to get shots. God, I hated it! I got that same feeling every time they got a shot. I hated seeing them cry. You know you are doing the right thing, but you feel awful. They give you that “Why are you letting them hurt me?” look, and you just feel terrible. It all came back to me today when Ella got her shots.

As a parent, you will do whatever you can to protect your kids and keep them from getting hurt. In some cases, though, that means tears will be shed … by the child…..and the parent.

One thought on “Ouchies

  1. When I took Bailey…he reached his hands out to me to take him away from the shots…I never felt more awful in my life than at that moment with him.

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