Friend or Foe?


So this weekend, I had two things happen that made me think, then chuckle, then I smiled, reminded of just how good things are in my life.  First, I was out at the store and I saw someone who is a mutual friend of my ex and me.  I wasn’t going to go out of my way to say hello, and I guess I didn’t need to.  You see, as soon as this person saw me, and made eye contact, they immediately looked the other way and walked away as fast as they could.


As I said, first it made me think:  She’s done what all narcissists do – told a bunch of lies about me and got this person to believe them.  Second it made me chuckle – we used to be good friends.  They have chosen to believe the lies and had the perfect opportunity to ask me about them to my face, and decided to just run away.  Finally, I smiled.  I don’t need people like that in my life!  Go ahead and believe whatever you want.  I feel sorry for you.  You, too, are caught up in the self pity party and in the fantasy story that has been told over and over to make her look good and me look bad.

The second thing that happened was via Facebook.  It’s no secret that when I was in the process of making positive changes in my life, I went through my list of Facebook friends and deleted many people.  I would say 80% of those people were people who were mutual friends of my ex and me.  I knew that those particular people would be people who, if given the choice, would chose to remain friends with her, instead of me.  No loss, really.

So this weekend I get a friend request from one of those mutual friends who I deleted.  Like the first incident, it made me think – Now why on earth would they be sending me a friend request years later?  I was never really that close with that person.  Why all of a sudden? I was really thrown for a loop.  Again, it made me chuckle – see, I recently took the deleting of friends a step further and “blocked” certain people (including a significant other), and so her spies can’t really snoop around on my page anymore.  Then, I smiled again.  It’s really funny to see just how her network of spies is trying to get information to bring back to her.


The narcissist is manipulative, controlling, jealous, never takes responsibility, is angry and full of rage, shifts blame, and plays themselves as the victim.  They will use whoever they can to get what they want.  They tell stories and falsehoods to get someone on their side, so they can use them for their own reasons.  They live to take joy from others, especially others who they want to control.

To person number one – have a nice life.  I’m here when you are ready to hear MY side of things.

To person number two – Friend Request Denied.


8 thoughts on “Friend or Foe?

  1. That is one of the reasons I don’t do Facebook. I had it ONE day…just one day when it began. Within that day I had an ex-girlfriend commenting…I thought….this won’t end well. Not the one I want to stay in touch with… most of them I would have no problem with… I agree with heb23

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    1. I was a MySpace person for years. I never really understood Facebook, but the radio station we were working at had all of the personalities get a page and we posted a lot on there. Many of my first Facebook friends were listeners to my show. Over the years, I weeded many of those out and only kept the listeners I was truly friends with. Many family members were Facebook friends, too. Since the divorce, many former in-laws and mutual friends were purged. Today, my Facebook friends consist of friends from school, college, the radio and record industry, some celebrities, and friends who share interests like old movies, music, and such.

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      1. I guess you had to whittle it down. WordPress is the most public thing I do.

        Does the people that you purged know about WordPress?


      2. The purge happened before I started my blog. I have a feeling though that there may be FB “friends” who may be aware of it and may have shared the info. I’m at a point where I can’t care about what they think anymore. I still remain amazed at the fact that so many of them need to know what I am up to and know all my business. Move on already, you know? Some people live to tell gossip, hear gossip, believe lies, spread lies, and literally get their happiness from making other people unhappy.

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      3. Well really if they don’t bother you in the real world or take up your time…who cares what they spy on…hey you must be pretty important to get info on!

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