It’s Off To The North Pole!

Here is just another reason I love our neighborhood.

Our neighborhood has a Facebook page. We can all communicate with each other on it. This is the same page where I found out a neighbor needed their lawn mowed a while back. It is also the page that we found out about a neighbor girl was selling lemonade one hot summer day. It is such a neat way for us all to keep in touch.

Last week, a neighbor posted that “Santa’s mailbox” was up once again in her yard. Kids in the neighborhood could write their letters to Santa and drop them in the box. Our neighbor said that each letter would be answered by Old St. Nick!

Ella had me help her write her (and Andrew’s) letter. After I wrote the letter, she drew some pictures to include in the envelope. I addressed the envelope and we took a short walk to drop it off.

We were instructed to put in in a plastic bag, just in case it was wet outside. It was a short walk and she was always a few steps ahead of me!

It wasn’t long before we spotted the house and the mailbox.

I asked if she wanted me to help her, but she knew exactly what to do!

She did need a bit of help getting the door back on … It popped off as she was putting her envelope in it.

And just like that – her letter was set to go to the North Pole!

I am excited to see the response. Our neighbor said that ours was their first letter. We really have some amazing neighbors.

Any letter we got from Santa always looked like my dad’s handwriting! One year, we got a Santa letter from my grandma…..and my dad. I think they told us Santa has a lot of secretaries or something to get us to stop asking questions.

I can’t wait for her to get a response. I love the holidays!

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