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Today’s blog stems from a Daily Writing Prompt and something my oldest son told me over the weekend. My sons and my ex are moving into a new place. It has a basement and my son was excited because he and his brother were told that they could make it into their very own man cave. The prompt that was in my email today reads, “If money were not an object, and you could build your own man cave, what would it contain?”

Oh, The Possibilities!

As I contemplated this, my first thought was, “I’m gonna need a big space!” I’ve read articles on the internet about “Great Man Caves” and also seen some of those home improvement shows where the builders give the guy a man cave. I admit some of my ideas are stolen from those, but many are just things that I would love to have.

A Good Sound System

This is a MUST! It would be something that I where could incorporate audio and video. I’d want to be able to play vinyl records, CD’s, cassettes, reel to real and digital audio through it. With the video aspect, I’d want to be able to watch stuff on live TV, streaming, and of course DVD/Blue Ray.

I love the idea of a home theater with comfy chairs, maybe recliners, and stadium-type seating.

While I don’t do a whole lot of drinking anymore, the above photo suggests that a bar with bar stools would certainly look cool.

I’ve always loved playing pool, even though I was never very good at it. I think a nice pool table would have to be a part of the design. One photo I stumbled on also had a golf simulator in it! This would be excellent! I don’t get out on the course enough, and during the Michigan winters, I could just tee off in the man cave!

Speaking of golf, the only golfing I am doing lately is on the Xbox. I usually shoot a round before I turn in for the night. That being said, having a gaming area would be neat to have. If money was not an object, I could buy every system and people could play whatever system they wanted to.

I’d also like a way to be able to switch whatever system I am playing onto the main TV and sound through the sound system!

If I had my own man cave, I’d have to invite the gang over to play pinochle or poker. I’d want to have a good card table to do that.

I’d have to have something on the walls – maybe some framed Detroit sports jerseys?

Or some movie posters?

Or maybe a display of various action figures?

Pinball games or arcade games are also a possibility

Now that I think about it, if I have the space, having a bowling alley in my man cave would be pretty cool too!

Speaking of bowling, there was something else we used to do at the bowling alley. After we were done for the day, we would all head into the bar area and play shuffle board. I was never any good at it, but it was certainly a lot of fun to play. A shuffle board game would also be great to add.

The above picture has another cool idea – a train that runs above the space! That Railroad Crossing sign is pretty sweet, too!

Somewhere in the man cave, I would like to have three private areas – first a restroom. It’s important to have one of those readily available. I’m sure it would have a theme – classic movies, classic comedy, or just something “manly”

Second, I would like an office area. It could be somewhere I could work, read or just relax.

Finally, I would love to have a private recording studio. With it I could do voice over work. I’d still love to do commercials, or maybe narrate an audio book, do a podcast, and it has always been a dream to have a home studio.

A personal space – a man cave – is nice to think about. Perhaps one day ….

7 thoughts on “My Personal Space

  1. a lot to like in there. But would you ever come out of it? Me, I’m with you for sure on a good stereo and a decent size high-res TV. Like the idea of some jerseys (Toronto style for me though!) and framed movie posters too. And me, I’d want a big desk with a computer and good monitor. I love bowling, haven’t done that for awhile. But I think I like going out to the kitschy community bowling alley, wearing the previously-enjoyed shoes and having an overpriced watery beer for the whole scene. But, if you build your room, let me know… if I’m up that way…

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