One (of many) Traffic Pet Peeves

There are some who might say I am not the best driver. I would tend to agree. I’ve had my share of accidents – some my fault and most not my fault. Every day I drive to work there is one intersection where I am waiting to get creamed because people don’t understand the above sign!!

Here is a picture I found online of the intersection in question (Square Lake Rd & Woodward Ave):

(Square Lake Rd and Woodward Ave – Bloomfield Township, MI)

When I get off the expressway I need to make a right turn onto Woodward. The lane immediately to my left is supposed to ONLY go straight. You can see the sign clearly in the middle of the picture. When I make my right turn, I need to get all the way to the left to make the infamous Michigan left turn. I cannot even begin to tell you how many times some jerk in the left lane starts to turn in front of me almost causing an accident!

Sometimes the jerk will be a courteous jerk and put their turn signal on, so at least I know that he is going to make the illegal turn. However, in most cases, the jerk just turns. I have many pet peeves, but this one just makes my blood boil! I am surprised there are not more accidents at this intersection.

I guess I wonder why they haven’t come out and painted huge arrows on the pavement. This seems to be the thing to do now. At the I-75/US 23 split in Flint, they have I-75 signs painted in the lanes that you need to be in to stay on 75 and US 23 signs painted in the lanes that you need to be in to stay on US 23. I don’t think it would be a waste of paint! You’d kind of know what each lane does if you saw this:

Wouldn’t you?! One can only hope.

My rant is over…

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