Baby Proofed?

We never really had to baby proof for Ella. I think the only thing we had to do was put plugs over the power outlets. This was more of a precaution than anything. She never seemed to want to do anything dangerous. She never went in cupboards, she never pulled out drawers, and she never really messed with stuff like Andrew.

If I had hair – I would be grey … VERY grey! Andrew is into EVERYTHING!!!! Not too long ago, we bought those things for cupboards. You pull then out, then you have to push down on the plastic thing in order to open them. Yeah, he figured that out. So we literally had to add another lock on the front of the cupboards to keep him out.

Our closet in the bathroom has handles on the door that don’t need to be turned. All you have to do is pull on them and they open. Sam’s curling iron, hair dryer, my shaving stuff, the plunger, and many other things are in there. So, now we have a lock on that, too.

He knows how to open the bedroom doors, so have to lock them or put one of those plastic covers on the door knobs so he can’t get in.

He is really a brilliant kid. All he has to so is see something and he can mimic it. He knows the order of things. He knows where the dishwasher detergent goes – and he knows how to start (and stop) it. Thank goodness we figured out how to lock it when it is in a cycle. He knows how to start and stop the washer/dryer. Our water bill jumped a few bucks because he knows how to flush the toilet. He is so curious!

It really is true what they say. Ella was so well behaved that as parents you think you can tackle anything. Then that second child comes along and proves that you are in for a bumpy ride.

Never a dull moment at our place…..

8 thoughts on “Baby Proofed?

  1. well, as you suggest at least Andrew is curious and seems to have a good mind if he can figure out some of those things by himself…but must be a headache though! My sweetie’s two were apparently polar opposites as small kids – the boy was very quiet, could sit quietly watching TV or a Mario kart game or something for a long time; the girl was ultra-hyper and a ‘climber’. Now, she’s pretty quiet and kind of introverted, he’s loud and the fairly social guy. Go figure.

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