No Shake For You!

After I took Ella for bloodwork recently, we drove thru the McDonald’s.. I had promised her a Happy Meal for lunch.

Now, I rarely eat at McDonald’s. If I do, I might get a Fish sandwich. I’m just not a big fan. However, I’m a sucker for a Shamrock Shake!

After ordering her lunch, I asked for a Shamrock Shake. It was 11:45am. Lunch time for the most part, right?

The lady on the speaker replies, “I’m sorry, sir, but we are unable to make shakes at this time as we are cleaning the shake machine.”

It’s at this point that all the jokes about the shake machine at McDonald’s come to mind. The Shamrock Shake IS your big promotion right now. All the TV and radio commercials sing the praises of the “minty goodness” that is the Shamrock Shake! Can someone explain why they choose the lunch rush to clean the machine? I mean, the place is open 24 hours. Why isn’t someone cleaning it at 2am?!

Sigh. Maybe next time.

4 thoughts on “No Shake For You!

  1. I must admit I like some of their fare – burgers, sausage McMuffin s & the coffee – but I’d eat there more often if they were focused on their customers & on being ‘fast’ food more. Too often they ignore people waiting at the counter and getting your food takes way longer than it should.

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