Broadcasting Live from the Library

I love the local library. Just recently I have checked out numerous books on tape to listen to on my drive into work. I have also checked out physical books to read as well.

Just like a stroll through the local book store, I love walking up and down the aisles looking for various titles and authors. Many times, if I don’t want to purchase a book, I will take a picture of it at the book store and then request it from the library.

Many people use the library for computer use, to make copies, or just to relax and read. There are also many other things that happen there, too. Monday, I took the kids to a “story time” session.

Ella loved being able to see other kids around her age and made new friends. Getting her to sit still while the stories are being read is a bit of a challenge though. She loved when they got up and danced along with songs, played with scarves, and played with the small parachute. She really had a blast, even though it doesn’t look like it in this picture.

Story time on my day off happens at a library near Sam’s mom and dad. So I packed up the kids and drove over that way with the kids. There was something that I was really surprised to see, smack dab in the middle of the library – a podcasting booth.

Many people have said that I should do a podcast since I have retired from radio. I have said that I really don’t have the equipment or a place to do it quietly. I suppose with the right portable equipment and the use of this cool booth, a podcast would actually be fun to do.

As surprised as I was to see this in the library, it makes sense. As I mentioned, many folks go to the library to do use computers and such. What a fantastic idea for the local library to offer a space for folks to do podcasts in a world were there are more and more podcasts being created and broadcast.

My brother has worked in a library for over 20 years. I’ve never asked if they have one of these, but he works in a major city and their library has many branches, so I suppose they do. What a great idea.

Anyone who says the world doesn’t needs a library really has no idea just how vital they are.

6 thoughts on “Broadcasting Live from the Library

  1. I agree 100%. So cool about the podcast center though – that’s really a smart and useful idea. Back in Canada I utilized the local library regularly, was rare not to have a book checked out , and the main branch in my hometown had a great selection of CDs too, so I borrowed many from artists I was unsure of. While I burned some tracks onto my computer from some, there were a lot of CDs I bought myself after taking a chance on them from the library. I’m like you too, love looking around bookstores (one of the few types of stores I don’t mind ‘browsing’ in… usually in most retail, it’s know what I want, make a beeline to it, get out asap)
    I read a decent novel recently called ‘The Bookshop on the Corner’ by Jenny Colgan. sort of a romcom but also a story of self-discovery but I mention it because the main character is a British lass who loses her job at the library in Manchester because they’re closing most of them, and using the remaining ones more as community centers and less for books and info. I assume it was based on the reality of Britain these days, and if so it’s a shame.

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    1. Back in the day, my dad used to rent 8mm movies and a projector from the library. I remember him playing many old movies on it.

      I used to go to the library for CD’s to burn, too. Sometimes I would need a song for a DJ gig and didn’t want to buy the whole album, so the library helped me a lot.

      The library really is an important part of society and to close them would be just awful.


  2. While my library system does not have something as cool as the dedicated Podcast station, we do have a recording studio in one branch, and several branches have tools and equipment for teens to record music, podcast, make stop-motion videos, and green screen photos. Libraries roles in the community continue to evolve and adapt to their ever changing needs. Some libraries provide maker spaces for people to craft or scrapbook, some lend out unique items like guitars or sewing machines. I truly believe that libraries are the heart of so many communities and truly want to do what they can to help their customers thrive in pursuit for information, entertainment, safety, and acceptance. Libraries are magical!

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    1. How awesome is that!? A recording studio!

      I was SO impressed with your libraries when I visited. I’m sure that having someone like you at the helm of a branch will only help them to continue to thrive!


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