I’m Sorry, I Can’t Remember

Lately I can’t seem to remember anything! Well, I shouldn’t say “anything,” because there are things that I can remember from years ago, but can’t remember what I read 5 minutes ago! Ask me about a character actor in an old movie, who wrote a specific song, how long a song is (or even better, how long the intro of the song is), or to quote a movie and I can do it in almost an instant! However, ask me about something I am reading and I seem to lose it.

I talked to an RN friend of mine and asked if there was something I could do about my memory. She said many of the supplements that claim to help don’t do a lot for you. “A good night’s sleep” is always a good place to start, which is always a challenge for me (or anyone else who works midnights)! I’m lucky if I get 5-6 hours of sleep, and that is usually very fragmented.

So is it Attention Deficit Disorder? I don’t know. Some days, I find myself reading a paragraph from a book two or three times because my mind wanders in the middle of it unintentionally. God help me if a book mark falls out of a book, because I’m not really sure if I’d know where I left off.

Alzheimer’s? I don’t know about that either. My grandmother definitely had that along with dementia, and that was scary and sad to witness. My grandfather probably had it, too, although he passed away before there was ever any kind of diagnosis.

So what can I do to help improve my memory? Just doing a search for pictures to accompany this blog, there were plenty of “How to” books that came up in a search. Let me be honest with you, I barely have time to read the books and stuff I NEED to read for my Bible classes! My stack of “to read” books is so big, I may never get through them in the next 3-4 years. As much as I love to read, I doubt a book on the subject would help me.

There are occasions where I can recall a bit of information, a passage of Scripture, or something mentioned in an online article, but I can’t remember them exactly. What website was I on? What chapter was that in? I know I saw/read it somewhere! It is maddening.

Maybe it is nothing to worry about, however, knowing that there are some memory issues in my family history, I do. This is a bit more than “Where did I leave my car keys?” The other day, I picked up our grocery order at Meijer. I literally had just texted our shopper to let her know I was in the parking lot. I got out of the car to help her load things, and when I got back in the car, I couldn’t remember where I put my cell phone! I checked my front pockets. I checked the cargo pockets on my shorts. I checked the passenger seat. I looked on the floor and in between the car seats! I got out and looked under the van. I was frantic! “I just had it!” I kept telling myself. The woman next to me was also waiting for her groceries, and was watching me like I was nuts!!

I must have patted my pockets 4 times! I eventually found it in my back pocket, which I NEVER checked, but thought I did. I searched like a fool for at least 5 minutes….

I was gonna write more, but I forgot what I was going to say …..

5 thoughts on “I’m Sorry, I Can’t Remember

  1. The whole world is driven to distraction. Lack of sleep will definitely mess with your memory…or just the simple ability to think clearly. Stress will mess with your memory, particularly if you fret or are constantly scared. And, honestly, media contributes. News is nothing more than constant drama to twist people into knots.

    Ever tried yoga and/or meditation? Centering yourself and calm your mind will help…a lot.

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