You Know What “Bugs” Me??

Let me start by saying that I would never EVER question God about His creations. He “created all creatures great and small” (according to the Cecil Frances Alexander poem). That being said, I often wonder just what the purpose of mosquitoes are, and hate when I get mosquito bites. I’m not too fond of all the bees that seem to love being in my yard either, but I know that they certainly serve a purpose.

For the past few months, there is another creature that is driving me crazy – box elder bugs.

It is the dead of winter and these pesky things are all over the place! Shouldn’t they all be dead!? I am not lying when I say that on average, I kill about 10 of these things daily inside our house. Personally, I think the sole purpose of these things is to annoy people. I despise them! I am ashamed to admit the joy that I get out of squishing them in a tissue and flushing them down the toilet!

I wish I knew how they were getting in the house. I read somewhere that they like to hang out in maple trees. So I would imagine the maple tree that is next to our house is the source of them. I have seen plenty of “home remedies” for how to kill them once they are in the house, but honestly, squishing them gives me a sense of satisfaction.

What I can’t seem to find is a good way to keep them out. A few years ago, the issue was lady bugs. Believe it or not, we’re getting those too! Thankfully, the stink bugs haven’t been around for awhile. I remember having issues with them at my other house years ago. I know there are some things you can spread or spray around your house to prevent pests from coming in, but none are specific to box elder bugs. I would welcome a sure fire way to get rid of them!

Thank you for listening to my rant.

I suppose that I will be spending a lot of time outside caulking windows this spring .

11 thoughts on “You Know What “Bugs” Me??

  1. We get stink bugs all the time and water bug/roaches. My cat loves to play with them. Last summer, a strange thing occurred. Hundreds, upon hundreds of lady bugs congregated on my back stoop and gathered in my kitchen window. It was bizarre. It’s like they came to commit suicide, all over the place. Why my back stoop and window…IDK.

    Our biggest problem is ants. I think our house is built on a huge ant hill.

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    1. Ants have survived in a running microwave oven – at least in my house. There was a time when they would use the vent system and come in from outside – straight into my microwave oven.
      Nope, couldn’t spray. We got rid of the mound outside and the ants went with it.
      I also hate roaches too —
      Good golly… why?

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  2. Just a couple of days ago, my wife asked me why we have mosquitoes, ticks, and fleas…
    I believe “they” are NOT of god – “they” are pests and exist only to give us pain and suffering.
    Please don’t give me any slack that “they” are food for other animals (which may be the case) I believe there is an abundance of other things for the animals to eat. 😉

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    1. We were getting them big honking ones for a while. Thank goodness for the ant traps – that seemed to keep them at bay. Of course, Ella is forever leaving crumbs on the floor after she eats, so I’m sure we’ll be seeing ants again soon enough…..

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  3. I remember the Lady Bugs…I just can’t kill them…I like them but the others…uh no…not a chance. In the spring we get ants near our kitchen sink…really small ones.

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