Blog Milestone

WordPress was kind enough to let me know that I had reached the 5 year blogiversary this week.

Wow! Five years of blogging. To my followers – THANK YOU! As many of you know, I started this blog as a way to put my thoughts to “paper” so to speak. I was and is therapy for me.

The fact that so many of you read my blogs and comment regularly means a lot to me. Many of you I have come to know as friends. I look forward to reading about your lives, reading your stories and poems, taking part in your blogathons, submitting thoughts on your features, and more.

In the past, I have written guest blogs for friends and been “interviewed” by others. I really enjoyed that. As a reader, you are familiar with the content I post and if you ever feel inclined to write a guest blog for me, please reach out and we can discuss that. Much like the days of radio where DJ’s cross-promoted each other, I am always glad to help promote other bloggers – especially those I follow.

Thank you again for reading. Here is to another 5 years (and more!)


27 thoughts on “Blog Milestone

      1. Where did you blog before Randy? I always wanted to ask about other places like blogspot if they have the community that WP has.

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      2. I was on Googles and it was quite the different experience. So for many reasons I switched and for the lost page views as I was averaging over 3,000 a week there was no community like I have found on WordPress. For that reason alone I’m so glad I switched or I’d never have found the group I’m a part of now.

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      3. That was a great number of views. I guess the good thing is…you could use a lot of your old stuff for this one.
        I guess its the same everywhere but it’s hard starting out and getting noticed. I went 6 months with one comment and no likes.

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      4. Things are improving on my stats but I still have no regrets about switching. I was able to import 160 posts so they are all in my archive. I have reposted and updated a few but for the most part it’s all new material.

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      5. That is cool that you have that many. I try to get ahead…I was 70 posts ahead at one point a few months ago…lol thats gone…now I’m 7 ahead.

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      6. Oh yea… I don’t trust my instinct anymore… the ones I think people will really like…they don’t…and the ones that I think are not up to par…people love.

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  1. Congratulations! It’s an achievement , and I imagine one you find very worthwhile. I do at my end, I too just passed 5 years on my music blog. My baseball one’s at something like 9 years, but has far fewer readers and I add to it much less frequently. Both though have led me to ‘meet’ some really good people, you included.


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