Proud Papa of a Papper

My son, Andrew, has had a hard time sleeping since he was born. We took him to an ENT and they found that he had laryngomalacia. A sleep study was ordered and it showed that the laryngomalacia was leading to sleep apnea (That’s what the photo above is). This led to a minor surgery to try to correct it. I blogged about that here:

A few months after the surgery, Andrew was back in my sleep lab to see if the surgery had indeed corrected the sleep apnea. This time around, our pediatric neurologist wanted to check for seizure activity and muscle movements as well. The study results showed that the apnea got better, but hadn’t gone away completely.

My wife and I knew exactly what that meant – CPAP. We both have run many sleep studies on children and many CPAP titrations as well. They are not always an easy thing. I will be honest, I was not looking forward to running his CPAP study, anticipating that he was going to fight us all night long. However, to our surprise, he actually did quite well and slept most of the night.

Sam went and picked up his CPAP machine today. Before going on, I will tell you that the past week has been very difficult for us (more for her). They terrible twos are kicking in BIG time with Ella. Both kids have been a handful and hard to deal with. That being said, knowing that Sam was going to be the one to be with him for his first night at home with CPAP had me praying that all went well.

Sam said he cried for a little bit, so she put on Elmo. He calmed down and when she told him it was bed time, he laid down and went to sleep! She sent me this picture:

I couldn’t be more proud of my little C-Papper! What a champ! I know that this is going to really help him in the future. Hopefully, he will only need to wear it a few months.

Way to go, Kiddo!!!

10 thoughts on “Proud Papa of a Papper

  1. Sounds like all is going well so far, Keith, for your son and you and Sam. Any child health issues are always such a big MASSIVE worry for the parents. Look after yourselves. You seem to be in good hands and receive excellent care. Good luck, and hopefully things will progress as promising as they started.

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  2. Good luck to all of you on it, hopefully it works quickly. Good for him…my Dad had one of those for maybe last 8 years of his life but would wear it only infrequently despite his wife’s na…’reminders’.
    Do you think you somehow got led to that line of work to be prepared & knowledgeable when Andrew came along?


    1. You have to wipe the mask with CPAP mask wipes after use, clean the humidifier tub and hose once a week. It’s easier than it seems. I’ve been using mine for 10 years. I can tell you that most people are just lazy. You wouldn’t believe the condition of masks that people bring in……


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