Thank you “Friend”

I went to the side door to put some boxes in the recycle bin and noticed a small box on the porch. Sam has ordered a few toys for Ella, so I assumed it was for her. I noticed that the box was addressed to me. I asked Sam if she had ordered anything for me, and she told me she hadn’t.

I opened up the box and found this note inside:

I opened the box and there was another box inside.

I’m not going to lie, I had no idea what this thing was. So I opened it and found that it was an electric razor that is made to shave your head. It has a few other attachments (beard trimmer, nose hair trimmer, etc…). It’s actually pretty cool.

It had a charge on it when it arrived, so before I showered, I actually used it on my head. It works pretty good. I was really surprised. I never used to have luck with electric razors, on my face at least. It was actually a close shave.

I have an idea of who might have sent this, but no one wants to claim responsibility. So here is a public “thank you” to the thoughtful friend who sent me this gift. I appreciate it very much. You are very kind.

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