Feeling accomplished…

When I called the Bible school to ask if I could pick up where I left off, they told me that would be fine. They had all the graded tests from the first year on record, so I could do one of two things. (1) I could just jump right in where I left off or (2) I could review the entire year’s worth of classes I already took. I decided it was probably best to review.

I had all my notes from the classes I had taken. The only thing I did not have was the graded tests from that year. (I do have each of the tests, and can probably go through those classes and re-take them, and may still do that.) When I first gathered all my notes together, I’m not going to lie, I was a bit overwhelmed. I wondered if I should just not review and just start where I left off. I probably could have done that, but reviewing actually was very beneficial.

At any rate, today, I reviewed the final class that I had already taken. From here on out, everything is new information to me. I was 4 weeks into the first semester of the second year, so I’ll have two more weeks of classes and then 4 tests! Moving forward, there will be lots of note taking and plenty of studying in the future.

As the graphic above says, I had to post this to “celebrate” this accomplishment.

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