Ah, Yes … No!

We’ve reached another milestone at our house. Let me rephrase that – We’ve reached an unwanted milestone at our house.

As Ella’s vocabulary has expanded, she is speaking in full sentences now. When I come home from work she asks, “Did you have a good night at work, Daddy?” When she is thirsty she will ask, “Can I have a drink, please, Mommy?” When she wants to go outside, she will ask, “Can we go for a walk?” or “Wanna jump on the trampoline?” It’s amazing!

She has also learned a one word sentence, or more accurately, a one word exclamation – “NO!”

This has made life a little more … interesting …at our house.

She has mastered the use of the word.

“Can Daddy change your diaper?” – “NO!”

“Let’s put away the toys so we can read a book before bedtime.” – “NO!”

“Take a bite of your pancakes, please.” – “NO!”

“Do you want your polka dot jammies or your doctor jammies?” – “NO!”

“Would you like (insert whatever food item here) for dinner?” – “NO!”

“Don’t you like when your brother plays with you?” – “NO!”

It’s been a long time since I went through the “No phase.” Ella already has my temper, and Sam’s stubbornness. The next few months are going to be “fun” – and I write that as sarcastically as I can!

Wish us luck ….

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