Friday Photo Flashback

It is another installment of my “Friday Photo Flashback.” This came about when a writing prompt suggested going through photos and finding one that stands out or brings about some sort of memory.

The one I have chosen to look at today is one that just stands out to me as “neat.”

The handsome young chap in the above picture is yours truly. I really love this picture of me. I have absolutely no idea why I am wearing this sailor suit. I don’t know who bought it for me. I don’t know if this was taken on Halloween. I just don’t know much about this picture. There may or may not be another picture of me in this same outfit at my dad’s college graduation. I may be mistaken.

This is where I open things up to my relatives, who may be able to help me. They can correct me if I am wrong.

From what I can tell, this is my Aunt Lois’s house. I could be wrong. It just seems to have the same layout that I remember. The last time I was at her house I was probably 11 or 12, so my memory could be very wrong.

If I had to guess, I am somewhere between 2 and 4 years old here. I am always in awe of the furniture in these old pictures. To my left in the photo is a coffee table (I think that’s what they referred to them as). I’m going to guess that those are fake flowers in a pot. That looks like a lace doily underneath it. For some reason or another, doilies were quite the thing in the 70’s. It seemed like they were under lamps, flower pots, and anything that sat on a table or end table.

The round table behind me in the photo looks like a table on top of a table. I can’t really tell, but it looks like there is an area to store things like maybe the Family Bible between the two round table tops.

The lamp on the top (with a doily under it) looks familiar. I wish I could see the lamp shade, not that it would make that big of a difference. I wonder if this lamp wound up in my Aunt and Uncle’s place in Caseville. I can’t really understand why it looks so familiar.

It seemed like every relative of mine had some sort of rocking chair in their house. This one here sort of reminds me of my great grandma’s rocking chair. That, in itself, makes me wonder if this was taken at her house. I just don’t know. I suppose there is the possibility that this was taken at my grandma’s house, but I really doubt it.

The last thing I notice is the folding chair. Folding chairs were often brought up from a basement or from out of a hall closet for when there was some sort of family get together. I really don’t recall having big get togethers at my aunt’s house, but maybe there was. The presence of the folding chair suggests to me that this had to be taken on some sort of holiday. That might also explain the sailor suit.

I’m anxious to see what I learn from a few of my relatives regarding this photo.

One thing is for sure – this photo is probably the only time I’ve been in a military uniform!

11 thoughts on “Friday Photo Flashback

      1. Interesting. I heard the term for the first time in An Officer & A Gentleman. Then, I remember Jerry Doyle making a crack about him being a Mick from Brooklyn, playing a WOP from Mars on Babylon 5.

        I’ve never heard the term Dago, before.

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