My Side Porch Looking In

In 2003, the country group Lonestar had a hit with a song called My Front Porch Looking In. In it, the singer talks of the wonderful views from his porch as well as the various things he has seen in life. His favorite view, however, is from his front porch looking inside his house.

I’ve always been a fan of that song. There is no greater feeling than coming home and seeing the kids through the window. It doesn’t happen much for me now, as I come home in the early morning and the kids are often still asleep.

Instead, the lyrics of this song ring true when I leave for work. My daughter used to run to the window after I locked the door to leave for work. I would walk to the window and she’d put her palm against the window, and I’d put mine up to hers. Sometimes she’d put her pointer finger up against the window and I would point right up against hers. We’ve since moved the couch in front of the window, so she really can’t run up to it any more. Now, she has to climb up on the couch to “high five” or “point at” me. It always makes me smile.

Yesterday, before work, she came to the window, and Sam held up her brother so I could see both of them. I’m not going to lie, I started to tear up. I hate leaving for work. I miss my family when I am away. I was able to snap a picture of them before I left…

Ella looks sad in this picture because she had actually slipped and fell before I left, which made me hate leaving even more! It may seem silly to some, but I will continue to go to the window every time I leave for work, whether she “high fives” me or not. There is something so very special about looking at my family from the side porch looking in ….

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