Friday Flashback – Tile Towers

When my oldest boys were younger, they used to have to do fundraising for their school. If they raised enough money or got a certain number of orders, they won a prize. One time the prize was a Webkinz stuffed animal.

Each animal came with a code. You would go to the website and “adopt” that animal, name them, and care for it. You’d feed it, bathe it, and take care of their room/house. There were games that you could play to win “money” to spend on food, furniture, clothes, and more.

I don’t recall how many of these my boys had, but it was quite a few. I know I would often play the games they had a hard time with to help them “win” money. You couldn’t play without a Webkinz, and I know that everyone in our family had an animal. One of the games was called Tile Towers.

What I didn’t know was that this was a kid version of mahjong. I had heard of mahjong, but never played it. I probably never would have played it if it hadn’t been for this Webkinz game. I found it fun to play and kind of addicting. I remember the music being very catchy, and I started to search online for the music and couldn’t seem to find it.

From what I can see, there is a Webkinz app now, but I didn’t download it. Just seeing the pictures of the game makes me want to play it. On my Kindle Fire, I have a mahjong game I downloaded a long time ago, but I rarely play it. I don’t know, it was hard enough to find matching animals, let alone trying to find a match for these crazy symbols!

I miss the days of sitting on our old laptop with the boys looking over my shoulder pointing out matches “There is a cat there and over there, daddy!” “If you get rid of that pig, you can match the ducks, dad!”

It is such a silly memory, but it’s a fond memory of time with the boys.

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