Doctor, Doctor! Give Me the News …

When I started to feel that awful pain in my back, I called the doctor and made an appointment. When I got there, they had these funky thermometers mounted on the walls at the check in windows. Basically, put your forehead close to it and it gets your temp. It was actually pretty cool. Once the called me back, they take me straight to the scale. I knew I wasn’t going to like the number that popped up. Urgh!

Next, they took me to an exam room that had a long table on it. The nurse said this room was for people with back issues. It has all kinds of buttons on the floor so they doc can raise or lower the table as needed. The nurse takes my blood pressure and it is high. I hadn’t taken my medicine before going in, but the number was higher than my normal “high.”

I love my doctor. She is great. She is honest and to the point. Despite all of that, I don’t really like going to the doctor. I worry. I’m not going to lie, my mind tends to go to the worst thing when something is wrong. This hip-back thing has been there for almost two weeks. My first thought is “Do I have a spinal tumor?” or other extreme things. I don’t really know what that is, but it happens to me all the time. It’s probably because of my family history – diabetes, heart disease, cancer, etc…

Anyway, the doc comes in and asks whats going on. I’m already not looking forward to the conversation, because I was suppose to lose weight between visits. So I explain what’s going on and she turned her computer screen to me and says gently, “It probably doesn’t help that you’ve put on 25 pounds.” OUCH! Yeah, I feel like a schmuck! She asked if I had done any kind of muscle stretches before I took Ella for a walk. I laughed and said, “When she wants to go – she wants to go, so no, I didn’t.” She chuckled and said I need to find time to stretch before walking.

She had me stand up and she checked out my back. I explained that the pain was in my left hip and back, so it surprised me when she said that my right hip was a bit out of whack. She had me lay on that long table and did some “manipulation” to help it get back in place. I still have some pain, but it is much better than it was. I have no idea what it will feel like after sitting at work tonight, but I am hoping it isn’t too bad. So, it looks like I will be popping some ibuprofen and she said it would be a good idea to see a chiropractor.

It’s been a while since I have visited the chiropractor, but I have a feeling it will help. I used to go often, and it really did help. All those years of lifting my DJ equipment – loading – unloading – loading again – unloading again – I used to really get crazy sharp pains in my lower back. It would not surprise me if my back has gotten worse.

One thing is for sure, I gotta shape up. Please hold me accountable. It is so easy to just pick up something when we are in a hurry. Nine times out of ten, you chose the easiest and not the healthiest things to eat. I need to get better about not doing that.

Hoping to be back to my old (and pain free) self soon …..

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