Prompt: First Dating Experiences

I enjoyed answering the questions last week, so I thought I would take part again this week. Read all about it here:

This week’s prompt is: Your First Dating Experiences

Here are the questions, along with my answers:

On your very first date, did you do the asking, or were you asked out?

I was actually asked out. I actually blogged about my first date once and you can read all about it here:

Were you typically stressed out before a first date? Did things seem to be easier the more you dated the same person?

I would say that I usually was stressed out before a first date. I think you just naturally want it to go well. The stress level is higher is you don’t really know the person. It would surely be easier if you had more dates with the same person. I believe that if you know the person, the date will be easy. When I asked my wife out on our first “date,” we had known each other for a while, so it was fairly comfortable.

What did you do to prepare for the date? Did you wear new clothes, or special outfits?

Well, you are obviously trying to impress on a first date. I don’t know that I went out and bought new clothes, but I certainly dressed nice. It also depended on where the date was. Dinner at a nice restaurant requires better dress than a trip to the movies.

How did you meet those first dates? Were your dates with friends of a family member, or friends of a friend?

My first dates were usually gals from school. After I graduated, I had a friend or two suggest taking one of their friends out. I once dated a radio listener who came up with her friend to drop off cookies or something. Her friend liked me, but I wound up asking her instead. One gal I took on a date I met at a mutual friends wedding. Many of those dates never led to additional dates.

Did you have a curfew on those early dates? Did you typically arrive home on time or were you constantly breaking curfew?

When I was in school, yes. I believe it was 11:00pm. My folks were pretty understanding and flexible, but I always made sure that my date was home when they were supposed to be. I don’t know that I was always late, and if I was it was only by a few minutes.

Did your parents insist on meeting whomever you dated?

I don’t know that they insisted, but if there was more than one date, I brought my dates to meet my folks. My very first date picked me up at my house and I think my folks were so excited that I was going out on a date that they embarrassed me by asking her a gazillion questions.

Where did you usually go when on a date? (movies, concerts, picnics, etc.)

Usually for a first date it was dinner and maybe a movie.

Did the boy/man always pay for the date or did you go Dutch treat?

I have been on plenty of Dutch treat dates, but I want to say that I paid for my date most of the time. I remember my dad asking if I had enough money to pay.

Were you typically the talker or the listener on a date?

I think both, but as a radio guy, talking came very naturally to me! I probably talked a little bit more.

What did you do if the date clearly wasn’t going well? (feign a headache, ask to go home, end the date early, etc.)

This made me laugh because I have had dates feign a headache, ask to go home and end the date early! Seriously, I only had a few dates where I felt that things were not going well. I am sure I finished the date and was just grateful that it was over.

A connection from the past to the present, if applicable. How long did you date your current partner before marriage?

I really don’t know that I can put a time to it. We were friends that became more than friends and then got married. I don’t think that either one of us didn’t feel right about it. We were in love and we got married. We were probably friends two to three years before getting married.

Bonus Question: Care to share a disasters first date??????

I don’t know that any of the first “bad” dates could qualify as a true “disaster.”

I would love to see YOUR answers to these questions.

2 thoughts on “Prompt: First Dating Experiences

  1. Thanks for joining in. I am curious if you were aware that the young lady wanted out if the date when she claimed she had a headache, etc.
    It’s great that you were good friends with your spouse before the , more than friends, phase. You obviously knew each other well.

    Liked by 1 person

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