Covid Update

Hello readers. I wanted to check in. I am still recovering from Covid and the flu. I’m not going to lie, it’s been an experience.

At work, we screen folks for Covid everyday. One of the things we ask is, “Do you have any flu-like symptoms?”. I tell you that because the one thing I’m having trouble figuring out is whether or not I am having issues with the flu or Covid.

I certainly have the flu stuff – cough, congestion, runny nose, and exhaustion. No vomiting, thank goodness. The other stuff has to be Covid – aches in the shoulder, worst headache ever, weird shooting pains up and down my legs, especially when I am trying to sleep, and of course, shortness of breath.

Thankfully, I have not had a fever since being diagnosed. One of the things I’ve had to do is track symptoms, so I’ve been checking it regularly.

My wife has had it a bit easier than me, although today she seems to be feeling worse than she has since this whole thing started. It’s weird. There are times you feel ok, then times you feel like a truck hit you.

She is off until at least the 15th, while I need to call one way or the other on the 13th to be cleared to go back. Technically, if I am symptom free (which I am not), I can go two days before then to get another test to see about going back. This seems to be hanging on, however.

When all this started, if someone contracted Covid, they stayed home AND got paid to do so. The hard part for us is that we made it over two years before we got it. Now we are home and we won’t be getting paid for our time off (which is far from a vacation).

We’ve tried to get outside and at least breathe some fresh air. The weather was nice over the weekend and it was nice to just relax on the porch. Ella was glad to get outside, too.

Thanks to all who have checked on us. We’re slowly getting better. Will write more soon – right now I’m off to check temperature and my pulse oximeter levels.

5 thoughts on “Covid Update

  1. I know it’s hard now, since people are no longer getting paid when they’re off with Covid. If you can, stay at home until you’re fully recovered. I know some people who tried to push through it and get back to work as soon as possible (or because they couldn’t afford to stay home any longer) and some ended up with long Covid, completely exhausted. I hope you and your family will recover soon. I was relieved to see you were still posting during your illness, including the post about World tuba day, wouldn’t have wanted to miss this. 🌈


  2. My job will still pay people (60% of 2 week base pay) while recovering from covid AS LONG AS they have been fully vaccinated.
    If you’re not vaccinated, AND you get covid, you get nothing – forcing the person to use their sick pay and/or vacation.

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