Behind the microphone….


I am in one of my happy places today.  I am in the on air studio at Cars 108 doing a live show.  It’s different than when I am here on the weekend.  Today there are salespeople scurrying around the building, the prod guy is producing commercials, and the boss is here.  It’s an amazing feeling that I miss on a daily basis.  It feels good to be in the studio and catching up with people here that I only get to see occasionally.  

Planning a show and prepping where to do bits was something that I did full time for almost 30 years.  I used to walk around with a note pad and eventually a small tape recorder so I could jot down those things that I observed in every day life – things that my listeners might find interesting.  I made notes of the funny things the boys said, things I found annoying, and things that I wondered if anyone else had noticed.  I miss sitting and thinking on things, writing punch lines, and creating comedy bits or fake commercials with other radio people.

Don’t get my wrong, radio has it’s problems – job security and salary being the biggest!  The thing about radio is this – you don’t do it for the money.  You do it because you enjoy it.  That’s one thing that I give my parents credit for – they supported my choice to do it.  It didn’t take very long for me to get fired from my first gig for no reason other than “we’re making some changes”.  My folks knew how much I loved it and could have easily said “you need to focus on something else, because radio just isn’t going to help you get ahead.”  Instead, my dad, who hated getting up and going to work every day, saw how much I enjoyed it and encouraged me to continue.

“Find something you love to do and do it.  You’ll never regret it.”  There’s some advice that holds true for everyone.  As a matter of fact, when I talk to kids at schools for career day or at job fairs, I make sure that advice is always presented.  Life is too short to spend the many years that you will be working doing something you hate.

While I radio I helped to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars to help find a cure for childhood cancer, helped collect donations for the people in New York after 9/11, helped boost the blood supply with numerous blood drives, laughed and cried with listeners, read stories to kids from kindergarten to 6th grade, interviewed legendary celebrities and future celebrities, and loved every second of it.   I have made lifelong friends of listeners, record reps, artists, and former co-workers.

Some people look back at life and see time wasted, not me.  I look back and see experience, lessons learned, accomplishments, and more.  I am who I am today because of where I have been and what I have done.  I wouldn’t change a thing.

Today, I am enjoying being back “at it”.  Gotta go … song is fading ….

Thanks for listening!

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