October Recycling Project

When I worked in radio, I used to have file folders for each month of the year. I also had folders labeled with the major holidays and seasons. In those folders were jokes, topics, contests, and such that I would recycle every year. I went back and looked at some of my early blogs and for new readers, I thought I’d post links to them for you to revisit.

Do you have a “must see” Halloween movie? Here is a good list:

Halloween brings loads of treats! However, all kids know what candy needs to be pitched in the trash after going through their haul …

It is a wonder more kids weren’t hurt in the 70’s and 80’s because of the way costumes were made.

Spooky audio productions? Yeah, I wrote about some …

I love Autumn in Michigan, and shared some personal highlights from the October of 2020.

Rob Zombie just did a Munsters prequel (which sucked from what I heard). In the 60’s monsters and spooky families were a huge hit on TV.

When Covid was causing issues everywhere, we were still able to have a fun fall weekend…

I’m looking forward to the Fall colors and hopefully at least one bonfire before a snowfall…

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