Music Memory – String of Pearls

Today, my grandfather would have been 98 years old. I debated writing another blog about him, but when I went back and read the one I wrote two years ago, I realized I couldn’t really add much more to it. You can read that blog here:

So today, in honor of his birthday, I’ll post one of his favorite songs. Most readers will have no recollection of this song at all, and that is fine. I remember Pops loved A String of Pearls by The Glenn Miller orchestra. Glenn’s version was an instrumental, although there are versions with lyrics.

The song was actually a B-side. Usually record companies released the song they thought would be the “hit” on the A-side of the record with a “filler” song on the B-side (The A-side of the record was a song called “Day Dreaming”). It was recorded by Glenn and his orchestra on November 8, 1941 (less than a month before the attack on Pearl Harbor).

The song was a #1 song for 2 weeks in the United States.

Happy Birthday, Pops! This one’s for you….

Proud Grandfather and yours truly.

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