Today in 1964

Back in 1964, something amazing happened on the Billboard chart!

The Beatles held the top 5 spots! This is something that has never happened before or since!

My friend Ken also pointed out: they also had seven other songs in the top 100 for a total of 12 tunes!

That same week, The Beatles also held the top two spots on Billboard’s albums chart with Meet The Beatles! and Introducing The Beatles. These U.S. chart records have never been broken, even after 58 years!

That is truly amazing!!!

Here’s a great little piece on this:

April 4, 1964: The Beatles Hold Top 5 Chart Spots

Watch for my Beatles blog in a few days .

7 thoughts on “Today in 1964

      1. It’s incredible and will never be beat. Yea it was the timing also….JFK was just killed and the country needed something…and they got it.

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  1. Keith, I like how you included the graphics and the chart. Good post and honestly I think you could put a dartboard up with Beatles song titles on it and no matter where the dart hit it would be a good song.

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