Toddler Hugs & Kisses

I continue to try to motivate myself to blog more. So today I turned to a daily writing prompt for inspiration. The prompt reads:

“Describe a moment from today that you want to remember always.”

Ella continues to grow each and every day. There are so many times that I look at her and I can see how fast she is growing up. This should be no surprise to me at all! Just this week a Facebook memory popped up from 10 years ago that showed my youngest son’s first day of preschool. He’s a high school freshman this year!

With each passing day, she is doing more and more! Whenever I leave for work, I walk out the door and go to the window. She always puts her hand up to the window and I put mine up to hers. She used to “give kisses” by making a popping sound with her mouth, and now she blows kisses with her hands.

This afternoon I had to leave a bit earlier for work because of a meeting. I loaded all my stuff into the car and came in to kiss her goodbye. Normally the kiss goodbye is me kissing her on the cheek. Today’s moment that I want to remember always is that she actually kissed me on the lips and put her head on my shoulder hugging me. I held her so tight and rubbed her back. She kept her head on my shoulder for quite awhile, too. This rarely happens now as she is a bundle of energy and always on the move. To have that very special moment today meant so much to me.

I know that hugs and kisses for daddy won’t last too much longer. There is a time coming where she’ll be “too big” to do that anymore. So I will enjoy each second of the ones I get from her now!

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