Word of the Day – Kibitz

Normally, I don’t react to word prompts, however, today’s word is one that immediately made me laugh. I began following EM Kingston’s blog recently and her word of the day is “kibitz.”

The word is Yiddish and which can mean “make unwanted comments (as a spectator at a card game),” or something more general like “chitchat.” While it’s a word with a rich history, its origins are ultimately mysterious.

One who likes to kibitz is a kibitzer, which brings me to why I laugh at this word.

I’m a fan of the Three Stooges and they tend to use many Yiddish words in their shorts. Back when I worked on the radio on a regular basis, I used to watch movies, TV shows, and many Stooges shorts looking for lines I could pull out and use on my show. One of those lines came from a 1943 Curly Short entitled Three Little Twirps.

In the short, the boys are hanging posters. Larry’s brush ends up under Moe’s chin as he is not paying attention. When Moe says, “I beg your pardon” Larry sees him and spouts off the line, “Beat it grandpa, we got no time for kibitzers!” I’m not sure why, but this line cracks me up every single time! You can see the entire short below and the line I am talking about takes place about 1 minute into the video:

 What a great word! I highly encourage you to Kibitz today! Be a Kibitzer!

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