Under The Weather

We’ve had quite the run of germs at our house. First, Andrew had the runny nose, cough, and ear infection. Then Sam got a wicked sore throat that seemed to last for days. Ella has been congested, coughing, not really sleeping and fevers off an on. I have a nasty sinus infection with a cough. It’s not been pleasant!

No parent likes to see their kid sick. Ella has really had it the roughest. She is just miserable. Sam went as far as to say that Ella is like me when I get sick. She’s right. I don’t do sick very well. Ok, honestly, I’m a big baby. All I want to do is sleep. It’s not pretty.

We used real life as inspiration for Twinkles (our Elf on a Shelf) this week.

We were supposed to have some Christmas pictures taken this morning, but with all of us sick, we had to call and cancel. We’re hoping that we might be well enough to do them on Monday, so our photographer moved our appointment. Our fingers are crossed that at least the kids feel better by then.

Rest is best, so I think we’re all going to just hang in pajamas all weekend. Nothing wrong with that, right?

18 thoughts on “Under The Weather

  1. Hope all of you get better real soon! And my condolences – sounds like you have same thing I have , seems like a bad sinus infection with occasional cough. Really playing havoc with my left ear. Thankfully no one else here caught it- it started like a run of the mill cold.

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