Flashback Friday

Every few months I have to take the pictures I take on my phone and transfer them to an external hard drive. I do this so that I always have room on my phone to take pictures. As I was scrolling through the photos on my phone, I saw some of the ones I took on Easter, which reminded me of a blog idea I had hoped to blog, but forgot.

Back in the day, whenever we went somewhere for a holiday, we always dressed up. In all honesty, I still feel “out of place” when I don’t dress up for holidays. It just seems like people don’t do that anymore. Holidays are more “casual” today.

I will never forget one Easter, someone bought my brother and I matching outfits. When we see the pictures we call them the “Leisure Suits.” They are cheesy. You can tell it is the late 70’s or early 80’s because the collars are so big they’d poke your eye out if you got close to us.

Taken at our house. Look at that couch!!

We’d go to both sets of grandparents houses on Easter. Naturally, we had to pose for pictures. You can tell we are at my Italian grandparent’s house in the next picture, because for some reason we had to go outside and take a picture next to her statue of Mary.

My brother is sporting a Beatles haircut in this picture.

We’d then go over to my mom’s parent’s house. There would be more family photos taken – usually in front of the fireplace.

I love this family picture. I remember that eagle on the wall so well.

For some reason, my folks didn’t take too many pictures on Easter morning, but there is one that I treasure.

I’m not sure when this was taken. It could be the same year as the suits, or maybe a year after. I can’t tell. Here, again, my family loved getting us matching clothes – I can’t make out what is on these pajamas, but they are obviously the same.

I wish I some of these pictures were more clear. I’d love to compare them with my kids at that age.

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