No More “Bloobies”

When my oldest son was growing up, he called the vacuum a “latchoom.” Both of my oldest sons called pizza “Pee-cuh.” Naturally, as they got older, they began to call those (and other) things by the correct word. When that happened, it always left me sad. That same thing happened today.

Every since she started eating blueberries, Ella has called them “bloobies.” I just LOVE that! When we would bring her breakfast to the table, she’d tell us what everything was on her plate.

  • Bloobies (Blueberries)
  • Strawbies (Strawberries)
  • Nana’s (Bananas)
  • Cockeese (Cottage cheese)

It was amazing when she started saying those words and knowing what they were.

When I woke up for work today, Sam said, “Guess who is saying ‘blueberries’ now?” She looked at Ella and said, “Tell daddy what you had for breakfast today?”

“Blue Berries,” she said. There it was. Clear as day. Ok, it may have been more like “Blue Bear-wees,” but it was definitely NOT “bloobies” anymore.

Sigh. My little girl is growing up so fast.

You know, I kinda like the word “bloobies.” I may just have to always call them that from now on ….

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