First Trip To The Library

Between Sam and I, we easily read Ella 5-12 books a day. Usually after we finish one, she signs “more” because she wants to want to hear it again. She really needs a bigger book shelf, because it seems like we are always bringing new books home from the store for her.

We signed her up for the Summer Reading Program at our local library. The more she reads, the more prizes she can get. She earned her first reward and so we decided to take her to the library to get it. She’s never been to the library before, so she was pretty excited when she walked in.

The first thing she did, while I was talking to the librarian about her reading reward, was pull some books off a shelf (just like when she is at home)! I had to reshelf the books and she got to pick her prize. She got a rubber duck and a book. Then we went into the kids reading room. She was in heaven! There were so many board books!

I’ve been to our library a few times, but never had been in the kids area. I had to grab a picture of her by the mural.

Once we read about 20-30 books, we started to leave. She found a computer that had some easy drop and drag puzzles. She had to play with that for a while and loved every second of it. She’s looking like such a big girl now!

I am so happy that she loves to read. I will be sad the day she no longer wants me to read to her. That is something that I really love to do. There are plenty of stories and books to read!

8 thoughts on “First Trip To The Library

    1. Thank you! She is daddy’s little girl, and has me wrapped around her finger!

      Not pathetic. I don’t go as often as I’d like to. I used to go with my older boys when they had homework to do. While they were there I looked around and often found books to read myself. I hope that there will be more visits for me ….

      Max and I were messaging back and forth today and a Library blog is coming…

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