Taking “Elf-ies” – Part 2

When we first got Twinkles, our Elf on the Shelf, from Sam’s mom, I wasn’t sure that we’d be up for creating something new for it every night leading up to Christmas. Over the last month, I discovered an Elf on the Shelf Facebook group with ideas and stumbled across many on the internet as well.

I won’t lie, it has actually been very fun to do every night. Ella loves waking up and searching for her elf. Twinkles will be heading back to the North Pole on Friday night to help Santa get ready for his ride and deliveries. I’m sure next year she will have as much fun or more!

We may or may not have to recycle some of these ideas in years to come. Here are a few of my favorites from the past few weeks.

Twinkles the action hero! Zip lining to the tree.

TPing the tree! Festive, right?!

Sam gave her some wings!

Ella had been talking about paper snow flakes. I got to make a mess and she loved it!

When we were all sick, it only made sense to give Twinkles a cold, too!

Sam grabbed Ella’s princesses and they had a little dessert party.

Twinkles threw “snow balls” at all of us in pictures on the wall!

She obviously had so much fun with the “snow balls” that she challenged one of Ella’s Barbie dolls.

When Ella woke up, I didn’t say anything. I was making her chocolate milk and she looked up and saw Twinkles. She looked at me, then back at Twinkles, then back at me and said, “Daddy! Twinkles is in my chips!” Priceless.

Last night, Sam sent me this at work in a text message that read, “See? I can be creative, too!” I laughed out loud!

I may have to start planning next year’s Elf things ahead! This was fun!

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