What did you bring to show us?

I’m not really sure what made me think of this, but I miss Show and Tell. It was always a highlight of those early elementary school years!

I’m not sure I remember the exact way that it was executed. Did everyone get a chance to show and tell about something? Was it alphabetical by last name and every day someone else presented something? I really don’t recall, but I know I was always excited for it.

I remember bringing things like stuffed animals, pictures from a vacation, Star Wars figures, and new books. I also brought record albums, cool rocks or sea shells I found on the beach, and toys I got for Christmas.

I don’t remember ever being nervous when I was in front of my class for show and tell. Maybe this is because I knew what I was going to talk about. The fact that you weren’t graded on show and tell presentations was a plus too. (In later years, those speeches in front of classmates were much scarier.)

In a sense, show and tell continues into adulthood. When you get a new car, you take it to show a friend. A co-worker shared a video of her daughter with us yesterday. Guys show off photos of the prize fish they nabbed out on the lake. My cousin shares videos of her daughter singing. I had a patient come in and showed me his surgery scar.

Maybe us adults need to start incorporating more of these “kid” things into our lives. I would love to go into work and have circle time where we all swapped stories or did show and tell. I also think work would be better if everyone ate in a big cafeteria with a big grey trash can on wheels in the middle of it. And who wouldn’t want to go out for recess during the middle of a stressful work day?! A scheduled nap time might be nice, too!

So, why don’t you gather up the rest of the class and sit in a nice round circle. Who wants to go first? Who has something to share today?

8 thoughts on “What did you bring to show us?

  1. I remember bringing a Dodger Pennant to school that an insurance agent gave me in 1978… nice man to think of an 11 year old kid.

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    1. That’s awesome!! I remember one year for Christmas I got this toy called The Sound Gizmo and I brought it to show and tell cuz it made all kinds of weird noises.

      I remember people brought all kinds of things in. One kid got special permission from his teacher to have his mom bring up their new puppy for show and tell one day.

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      1. Memories like that are so great. I still have that pennant somewhere…brings back school memories.
        A puppy…now that would have been cool…or any animal…I believe one person brought a hamster.

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      2. lol… I never had one or a hamster growing up….just an outside dog…mom would NOT let me have one in the house…hence why when I grew up I got the biggest dog available.

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