Sigh. 16 years.

At 5:24am 16 years ago, with her hand in mine, my mother took her last breath here on earth. She was finally freed from the pain she suffered for a decade from Breast Cancer and all the treatments and medications she had because of the disease. For those of us who were left behind, there was pain in her leaving, but joy that the suffering was over. Since her passing, there have been many changes in my life. How I wish I could call her and just talk. I can’t tell you the number of times I have wanted her advice. There are so many things I wish I could apologize for, so many things I want to say, and so many things I long to hear. I am blessed to have some wonderful friends who have stood by me through some powerful storms lately, storms that would have made a bit easier with a call to mom.

To those who still have their parents I say this – no matter what, make peace with them. Do not take them for granted. Enjoy each and every moment you have with them, even if it hearing the same story for the umpteenth time. Enjoy a cup of coffee with them. Take your kids to see them. Do not let another day go by without saying those things that you want to say. Make sure they know how thankful you are. Make sure they know you love them. Life is too short and when they are gone, you will long for those little things that seemed so trivial or unimportant.

It’s been a bit harder the past few years. So many great things have happened. So many life events she wasn’t around to experience. She would be so proud of her oldest grandsons and would be spoiling her granddaughter and new grandson. She would be sharing embarrassing stories about me to my wife and so much more.

I miss my mom each and every day. My love for her is neverending, like hers was for me. The void remains – her laughter, her voice, and her smile are now but a memory that lives on in photos and old lost video tapes. I miss her so much ….

5 thoughts on “Sigh. 16 years.

  1. a good message indeed. In the past 3 years I lost my Mom, my stepmom (who was with my dad for the last 30ish years and actually functioned more like a mom to me than the real one) and my Dad. Certainly is a bit tough to reconcile but that’s life and I am luckier than many to have had them all into my 50s. Oddest thing that stands out now to me is that back about 13 years ago, I moved back to the home area and circumstances caused me to move in with my Dad for about 6 months. Initially I rather hated that, but looking back now it was great because it made him and I so much closer than we had been before.

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