Do You Hear What She Hears?

Since having her ear tubes put in, my daughter’s vocabulary grows daily! This morning when I woke up, she was counting to four! She is asking for foods by name now. I had forgotten just how amazing it is to witness.

There is a set of train tracks that is maybe a quarter mile from our house. Every night around 8ish, a train comes rolling through and Ella hears it. Sam had told me that she will tell her “Shhhh! Here it comes, mommy!”

We were all sitting in the living room before I had to get ready for work today and I could hear the train in the distance. I got excited, because I couldn’t wait to see what she did. Sure enough, as the train blew it’s whistle, she smiled and said “Here it comes, Mommy! Here it comes, Daddy! Choo choo!” It totally made my day!

4 thoughts on “Do You Hear What She Hears?

  1. That is awesome Keith! One of Bailey’s fell out the next day…but he ended up fine. I’m glad Ella’s are staying in and are working.

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