Getting Smaller

Tuesday is “weigh in” day for me. I sort of have a ritual when it comes to weighing in.

As soon as I get up, I use the restroom. I take off my watch, take off my shirt, and weigh in in nothing but my boxers. My apologies for the detail, however, I feel that this gives me an accurate weight every time.

Today, I can do all my stuff through the Weight Watchers App. Back in the day, however, I used to go to a Weight Watchers site. There would be a meeting usually, but you always weighed in beforehand. I learned quickly that you are lightest in the morning. I always went to the earliest meeting I could get.

I also had a “weigh in” outfit. Yes, I wore it for every weigh in – until it didn’t fit anymore. To me, if I wore the same thing to the meeting and weighed in about the same time every week, the results would be more accurately measurable.

After staying the same last week, this week the scale showed I had lost 3 pounds. In 12 weeks, I am down 33 pounds! Actually I’m down about 33 1/3 (hence the silly record player picture above), but I was never keen on counting “half pounds” or fractions of a pound. At any rate, it truly is a great feeling!

Sam said that she can tell I have lost some weight. I can never really tell by looking at myself. However, last week when I went to the funeral home to pay my respects to my Godmother, I was able to fit into a pair of dress pants and a dress shirt that were both very tight 6-12 months ago! This is progress!!

Sam is also losing weight, too and looks amazing. We were both saying that we’re probably going to have to go buy some new clothes soon – and we are totally ok with that!

Things will get more difficult once winter arrives. I love my walks around the neighborhood with the kids, and that gives me 30 minutes of activity. I’m sure I am not going to take the kids out in the snow to walk. I will continue to take advantage of the weather and figure out how to get that activity when I am closed up indoors. I’m hoping to hit the 40 pound mark before then.

3 thoughts on “Getting Smaller

  1. congrats to you and her also! You should plan a shopping day out at the mall or favorite store to look for new clothes for winter to be a bit of a reward for all your work and to convince your brains that there is a cool payoff for the ‘sacrifice’.

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