Too early …

They are doing a big upgrade at work this week. Because of that, I’m on days for part of the week. In order to be here at 6am, I had to get up at 3am. I haven’t done that since I did a morning radio show on a daily basis!! At least when I did mornings, I only worked 15 minutes away. The hour and ten minute drive … in the dark … is very difficult to do!

Not only are you fighting to stay awake with a cup of coffee, windows down, and radio blaring, but it is the time of year when car/deer accidents are on the rise. Yesterday morning, I saw 3-4 deer just hanging out on the side of the road. I was just waiting for one to jump out in front of me. This morning on my way in, there were two places on the road where the remnants of some sort of animal got creamed by a car.

I’m back on nights tomorrow night, so I’ll have to switch back to midnight mode. I have a feeling that come Saturday, I’m going to be exhausted!

5 thoughts on “Too early …

  1. Time out… why do you have to get up at 3 to be there at 6? That is rough man. My drive is 45 minutes to an hour….but you have longer drive

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