Things I Miss (Partial List)

While driving in to work, I heard someone make the off the cuff comment, “Boy, do I miss that!”  That got me to thinking of things that I miss.  I know for a fact that this will be a list that I can add to in the future.

  • Mom’s laughter
  • Band class
  • My 1979 Caprice Classic
  • Summer baseball games with the kids in the neighborhood
  • Rocking my kids to sleep
  • Doing an on air shift on the radio every day
  • Going to the record store to by 45’s
  • Summer trips to Caseville
  • Doing my paper route
  • Friday Night Football Games – Halftime Shows
  • Grandma’s cooking (and coffee)
  • Riding my bike around the neighborhood with friends.
  • Working in the Auditorium
  • Pinochle games
  • Playing catch with my dad
  • Playing the lottery
  • Free time
  • Casey Kasem’s American Top 40
  • Fishing
  • Grandma’s Marshmallow Salad
  • Stories from Manny Balos
  • Recording songs off the radio
  • Playing “Cops and Robbers”
  • Building a snow fort
  • Visits with Uncle Tom
  • A good night’s sleep
  • Everything about Honey Radio
  • Watching Sesame Street with my sons
  • Marching in the Homecoming parade
  • Alumni Band
  • Tostadas from the elementary school lunch room
  • “After School” gym
  • $1.00 a gallon gas
  • Burger Chef
  • Summer BBQ’s in Lake Orion
  • Jellybean’s on Fenton Road
  • Media Play
  • Percolated Coffee
  • Hanging out at the Dugout
  • Bowling on a league
  • Picking up freshly developed pictures at the store
  • Mini-Disc players
  • Creative writing sessions with Tim Timmerman
  • Atari 2600
  • The school playground

What do you miss?

One thought on “Things I Miss (Partial List)

  1. Keith,
    I miss catching up every year ..I miss your hugs.. I miss laughing with friends , I miss being able to not worry so much.. I miss my grandma rita hugs..
    Love your blogs and love you! Thanks for being a hero to me all these years!!


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