“Just about had to call the Fire Department”

So this week I was scheduled to follow up with the doctor regarding my blood pressure and my weight. She had instructed me to lose 10 pounds by the time of this appointment. She was also going to reevaluate my blood pressure to see if there needed to be any adjustments to the dosage.

She also sees all of my kids and my wife, so she was a bit disappointed when she walked in and didn’t see any of the kids. I told her I had come straight from work, and reminded her that she’d be seeing them soon enough (more on that in a minute).

To say that she was happy to see my weight loss progress would be an understatement. She was thrilled for me. She was also happy that my blood pressure was down. She told me that she’d like to see me down at least 20 pounds when I see her next. This will probably be in 6 months or so, because she is getting ready to have a baby and will be out for a bit.

She knows all about our son’s sleep issues and ordered a sleep study for him. She asked if he had done it yet and I told her that it was happening later in the week. She mentioned that she couldn’t believe how good he is walking at 9 months old. I replied by telling her that he is everywhere and in every thing, to which she laughed. Then, almost on cue, my phone dinged and there was a message from my wife. It read:

Just about had to call the fire department because Andrew got stuck in the cat door …”

I laughed out loud and read the text to the doctor, who laughed as well.

The cat’s litterbox sits on the landing that leads to the basement. We closed the basement door when Ella started walking and had my father in law cut a hole in the bottom so the cat could get in and out. It was hilarious, because he measured Ella’s shoulders to make sure she couldn’t get through it. It looks something like this:

I can just imagine my son, stuck in the cat door….and the fire department cutting the whole thing out to get him out….

This kid is going to provide lots of laughs in the years ahead …

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