Pure Sassy!

We took Ella to get her “Two Year Old” Pictures last week. I’m glad that we wound up getting the entire digital package, because I don’t know that I could just pick a few pictures! Maybe I am biased, but I think she is one of the most photogenic kids! I don’t know that she can take a “bad” picture.

We were lucky enough to get the same photographer she liked a few months ago. She and Ella “clicked.” She was able to get fantastic pictures, even though she was constantly moving around. You wouldn’t know that in some of these photos, the props fell literally a second after the picture was taken!

In her first birthday photo shoot, there was one that stood out as “sassy.” We have said that photo defines her personality. After this shoot, we have a companion photo. The “sassiness” continues.

There were so many great photos from the shoot, and somehow, they all capture “her.”

The above two are probably my favorites.

Stay Sassy, my sweet little girl! Daddy loves you to the moon and beyond!

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