Pure Sassy!

We took Ella to get her “Two Year Old” Pictures last week. I’m glad that we wound up getting the entire digital package, because I don’t know that I could just pick a few pictures! Maybe I am biased, but I think she is one of the most photogenic kids! I don’t know that she can take a “bad” picture.

We were lucky enough to get the same photographer she liked a few months ago. She and Ella “clicked.” She was able to get fantastic pictures, even though she was constantly moving around. You wouldn’t know that in some of these photos, the props fell literally a second after the picture was taken!

In her first birthday photo shoot, there was one that stood out as “sassy.” We have said that photo defines her personality. After this shoot, we have a companion photo. The “sassiness” continues.

There were so many great photos from the shoot, and somehow, they all capture “her.”

The above two are probably my favorites.

Stay Sassy, my sweet little girl! Daddy loves you to the moon and beyond!

The Last Year Has Been One-derful

When I get home in the morning, my little girl will be two years old. My wife probably didn’t intend on making me cry, but she sent me a picture of her sleeping in her crib with the message “Last picture as a 1 year old,” but she did.

I wish I had taken the day off tomorrow. I didn’t because I had to save my PTO time for a surgery I am having this month. I want to spend the entire day with her. I want to celebrate HER! Sadly, I have to work tomorrow night, so I will probably miss most of her day.

As I look back over the last year, it is amazing to see how much she has grown and just how far she has come. Some highlights:

  • First birthday at the Sea Life Aquarium
  • Amazing professional First Birthday/Cake Smash photoshoot
  • First haircut with Miss Sherry
  • Family Easter Egg hunt
  • Finding out she was going to be a big sister
  • First time eating corn on the cob
  • First time bowling (with big brothers)
  • Family visit to the Detroit and Saginaw Zoos
  • First trip to the library
  • Drawing her first picture
  • Daddy/Daughter picnic
  • First surgery – ear tubes
  • Outside adventures (trampoline fun, walks around the neighborhood, sidewalk chalk drawings, sandbox fun, visits to the park, playing on the splashpad, swimming in her kiddie pool, playing in leaf piles, sledding and making snow angels)
  • Arrival of Little Brother and official promotion to Big Sister
  • Family visit with Santa at Cabella’s
  • Daddy/Daughter trip to Bronners to buy the annual Christmas ornament
  • Visits from Aunt Margaret, Cousin Marissa, Papa and Grandma, Uncle Chris, and so many others.

What a One-derful year it has been!

The “terrible twos” don’t scare me. I just hope that time slows down a bit.

Yesterday, I kissed my one year old for the last time. When I get home in the morning, I will kiss my two year old for the first time. I can’t wait to see her….