I’ve Been Yelling At Her For Days

Amazon Alexa Echo

For Christmas, my dad gave us an Amazon Alexa. I know many people have these and use them for a variety of things. On Christmas Day, I set it up and started to mess around with it.

The first issue I had was not being able to remember my Amazon password! I have the app and the password is saved, because I never end us remembering it. After trying about 35 different passwords, I finally just reset it and continued with the set up.

When you first start the thing, she starts telling you what to do. “Ask me to tell you a joke.” “I can help you get to work on time. Ask me about traffic.” “Ask me how long to cook a turkey.” “Ask me what the weather is like.” She just kept cranking out the commands!

Eventually, after messing with it a while, I got to where I kind of knew how to use it. I started asking Alexa questions about everything. Then, I started to ask her to play songs for Ella.

“Alexa. Play Baby Shark.” Boom! There it is. “Alexa. Play Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.” Ta Da! It’s there. “Alexa. Play the theme song for Paw Patrol.” Instantly it is there. I think to myself, how nice this is. Now, almost two weeks later….. I am OVER asking Alexa for songs!

Ella loves it. If Alexa were to make a playlist based off what we’ve asked her to play, I could take it to a preschool class and PARTY!! Here requests include:

  • Baby Shark
  • Row, Row, Row Your Boat
  • The Alphabet Song
  • Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star
  • Johnny, Johnny No Papa
  • Three Little Kittens
  • Five Little Speckled Frogs
  • There Were 10 in the Bed
  • Happy Birthday to You

I am sure there are more, but those are the ones that stick in my head. We can be sitting on the floor or on the couch reading books or watching TV and she’ll just look at me and say, “Row Row Row Your Boat?!” (or any of the other above songs).

“Alexa. Play Baby Shark …..again!” “Alexa! Play Twinkle Twinkle!” “ALEXA! Play the Itsy Bitsy Spider!!!!!”

When the song is over, Ella always looks at me and says, “Again? Again?! Please, Daddy, Again!”

I have a feeling, I will be hearing those songs in my sleep for a very long time!

Please help me when Alexa finally is able to understand her, because she will be playing toddler songs non-stop!!

4 thoughts on “I’ve Been Yelling At Her For Days

  1. We got one last year…it’s fun but the novelty wore off lol…but I like it. “Alexa, wake me up to the Beatles”…it does!


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