Spring Re-Run – Music Education

March is National “Music In Our Schools Month.” For those who have been followers of my blog since the very beginning know my feelings on how important Music Education is to students. Whether it is band, orchestra, or choir, the benefits of music education speak for themselves.

I have shared many blogs reflecting on my time in band, my friendship with my band director, and musical memories in general. Before the month of March winds down, I wanted to re-post a “re-run” of a blog I wrote a few years ago. The basis of it is a paper I wrote for my college composition class.

Today, it seems that when schools are in trouble financially, sports and the fine arts are the first things that are cut. Many times this comes about because people do not pass millage proposals or because of school board members who have no ideas of the benefits of music education.

I encourage you to read this and share with others, especially if there is a remote possibility that your school district is considering removing fine arts, sports or other extra curricular activities!

4 thoughts on “Spring Re-Run – Music Education

  1. Yea it’s very important. What memories of High School are more vivid to you? I would guess you would say band.
    Mine would be baseball…and…well not “band” but our rock band.

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      1. That is more of a reason to keep it. Schools need all of that…I totally agree. I don’t remember English but I sure as hell remember playing 3rd base for the HS team.

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