Another Weird Dream …

I had to laugh when I opened my work email tonight. Apparently, I didn’t want to forget the weird dream I had today and emailed myself about it. I was obviously half asleep when I typed the email because of the unbelievable amount of spelling errors in it.

To me, there is nothing more annoying that having a detailed dream, wondering about it, and then having trouble remembering it. So I used to keep a notepad next to my bed in case I woke up, so I could write it down. Now my phone is next to me so I email myself….LOL

Anyway, here is the nutty dream I had last night:

My buddy Jeff and I were in a cemetery and we stole the grave stone from actor Boris Karloff’s grave! You may remember him from Frankenstein, the voice of The Grinch in the Christmas special, or hundreds of other horror films. Come to think of it, cemeteries and Boris Karloff kind of go together!

In the dream, we are carrying your typical headstone. It is like 2 foot long by 1 foot wide. It has Boris’ name on it and I have no idea why we take it in the first place. What was weird was that we keep running into Boris in all these various places. He looks much like he does in the picture above and his voice is unmistakably his. He is always friendly and polite. He doesn’t look ghost like, he is very much alive! Even though, we are both aware that he is dead.

Whenever we bump into him he says, “Pardon me,” or “I beg your pardon,” or “Excuse me, gentlemen.” When we see him, we know it’s him and start running away. Hopping busses, cabs, and such to get away. We took a plane that took us out of the country and about 4000 miles away (per Jeff’s observation in the dream). As we are walking out of the airport, we get into a shuttle bus. We take a seat and I lay the headstone on my lap. We are both looking at the year he died and wonder how he was following us.

Side Note: Boris Karloff died in 1969, before either one of us were born. He was also cremated according to his biography. His ashes were spread in a garden and there is a marker there. So he doesn’t even have a headstone!!

Anyway, while we are on the shuttle pondering things, we are both tapped on the shoulder and when we turn around, there is Boris!! That’s when I woke up.

In preparing to write about this silly dream, I tried to find his grave. This was on Pinterest, but I doubt that this is really the marker for his grave:

Whether this is located near where his ashes were scattered, I do not know.

I’m sure that this was just a weird dream and means nothing. It was just so silly I had to write it down.

Boris with “Boris” on his show Thriller.

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