Endless Grace

My sister-in-law Grace passed away at around 8am Friday morning. On behalf of our family, I thank you for your prayers and support through this very difficult time.

There is great sadness in our family with the passing of Grace. How does one even begin to put into words what you are feeling at a time like this? We grieve because she is no longer with us, but rejoice that she is with Jesus and free from pain. We will never forget her smile and laughter.

In her brief time on earth, she brought so much joy. Her smile lit up a room. Her laughter was contagious. She was a hero to all who knew her. She was a brave fighter who always seemed able to come out on top. She was such a beautiful blessing.

There are some people who have an amazing talent to put things into words. One of those is Grace of https://graceofthesun.com/ . I would like to extend my deepest thanks to her for writing a poem that moved me to tears when I read it. It will be shared with our family and is a lovely tribute to our Grace.

Endless Grace

An angel flew into our lives,
to give life meaning so love shines,
opened our hearts to swiftly dive,
her essence perfectly divine.

Sweet sunny smile created dawn,
lessons that came made us all strong,
fears that these days may soon be gone,
formed prayers for joys to prolong.

An angel flew into our lives,
to help us glow from deep inside,
she gave us great purpose and drive,
taught all she touched to let zest guide.

A spirit composed of true light,
blessed us for a short space in time,
miracle presence filled with might,
twirled in our minds to peaceful chimes.

An angel exited our lives,
flew high above beyond the sky,
finally free to play and strive,
kisses the tears that slip our eyes.

Fond memories with us each day,
mental pictures will not erase,
Infinite bonds could never sway,
grateful to have danced with pure Grace.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

The well known hymn is entitled “Amazing Grace,” and our Grace was certainly amazing.

We will miss her so very much.

15 thoughts on “Endless Grace

  1. My condolences to you and your family . A terrible loss, hopefully she will be in peace and painfree now forever but that’s little to make you all feel much better right now.

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  2. I’ve just read this beautiful tribute by Grace (on her blog) to sweet little Grace…that’s how I came to know this…her soul is already resting in peace…being one with the highest energy…my prayers & thoughts with you & your family, Keith ๐Ÿ’ซ

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