Alternative Cuss Words

I have mentioned the cartoon Bluey on here in the past. On the Bluey Facebook page a while back, they had a video of the dad (Bandit) using alternate expressions where swear words might be used. Exclamations like “Cheese and jam,” “Beans on toast,” and “Biscuits” are used in place of swear words.

“Biscuits!” is a favorite of mine right now, especially since Ella is starting to copy and say things we do. As much as I want to scream a dirty word when I step on a Lego, “Biscuits” works just as well.

There is a Christian comedian named Tim Hawkins who has some very funny parody songs and such that they play on Sirius XM’s Laugh USA from time to time. His standup act is funny and clean. I have seen this before, but didn’t realize that it was actually from him.

For your every day use – here is a list of “approved” alternate cuss word! Enjoy!

3 thoughts on “Alternative Cuss Words

  1. But I also like “great googley moogley” AND “shut your piehole” too.
    Well – heck… I actually use a lot of these, including some not mentioned.
    Like Great Scott AND Great Ceasers Ghost

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