TV Draft Recap

Followers of my blog know that I’ve been participating in a TV Show Draft, which just wrapped up. It’s like a Fantasy Football Draft, in that there are a predetermined number of rounds. Each participant waits their turn and announces their pick – and writes about it.

The blog started at Hanspostcard’s site, and it was picked up by Max over at the Power Pop blog when Hans had to take a break. Max and I actually spoke when Hans had to take his break. There were emails between the participants discussing whether or not the draft should continue.

Max stepped up and announced that he would be willing to host the draft on his site so it could continue. For that, I need to extend a thank you to him. It would up being a very entertaining draft that introduced me to shows I had never heard of, shows that I wasn’t sure about watching, and old favorites.

I also extend a thank you to all of the bloggers who posted their draft picks. There was quite a variety throughout the draft. More on that in a minute.

I’m happy I got to write on the shows I did. I also enjoyed seeing other people’s take on some I was familiar with. I look forward to checking out some of the news ones that peaked my interest.

Because there were so many other great shows chosen, and because Max put them all in one place, I wanted to share the link so YOU can read them, too.

Thanks again for reading!

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